Instructions for authors

Formating requirements

  • The paper must be edited in English, with single line spacing, alignment Justify, A4 format, with the following margins: top - 40mm, bottom - 27mm, left - 25mm, right - 25mm.
  • THE TITLE OF THE PAPER: The title is set 17 point Times Bold, flush left, unjustified. The first letter of the title should be capitalized with the rest in lower case. It should not be indented. Leave 28 mm of space above the title and 10 mm after the title.
  • AUTHOR(S) (Times New Roman, 11 pt, Bold),The list of authors should be indented 25 mm to match the abstract. The style for the names is initials then surname, with a comma after all but the last two names, which are separated by and.
  • ABSTRACT All articles must contain an abstract. The abstract text should be formatted using 10 point Times or Times New Roman and indented 25 mm from the left margin. Leave 10 mm space after the abstract before you begin the main text of your article, starting on the same page as the abstract.
  • Keywods: 4-8 keywords (10 pt, italic). Keywords have to be suitable, clear, concise, adequate and accurate..
  • THE CONTENT OF THE PAPER Chapters:Formatting the text The text of your paper should be formatted as follows:

    - 11 point Times or Times New Roman.

    - The text should be set to single line spacing.

    - Paragraphs should be justified.

    - The first paragraph after a section or subsection heading should not be indented; subsequent paragraphs should be indented by 5 mm

  • The text of the paper should be written in English language (Times New Roman, 11 pt, Alignment justify).
  • REFERENCES(Times New Roman, 11 pt.)
  • Here is a TEMPLATE -.DOCX file (sample paper) and here is the corresponding .PDF file.

Copyright and license policies

All articles published in Journal of Research and Innovation for Sustainable Society are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Creative Commons License

Repository policy

The authors can archive pre-print versions of their paper on preprint servers.
The authors are allowed to use of the final published version of their article or publisher's version/pdf for self-archiving (author's personal website) and/or archiving in a repository (mentioning the fact that the article is published in Journal of Research and Innovation for Sustainable Society).